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Women In Finance

Proud signatories of
the Women in Finance Charter

Barcadia Media is delighted to be listed as a signatory on HM Treasury's Women in Finance Charter (announced March 2018).

We believe in creating a workplace which fosters equality, opportunity and fairness for everybody, regardless of gender, and are committed to maintaining a fair gender ratio at senior management level. See below for our gender diversity target statements - and visit the 'Meet the Team' section to see more about the brilliant women we have at Barcadia Media!

Our aim going forward is to maintain gender parity at senior management level

"Barcadia Media currently has a 50/50 split between men and women at senior management level. Our aim going forward is to maintain gender parity at senior management level, and to enshrine our unbiased recruitment policy in writing as well as keeping records of how we continue to meet our diversity targets. We also aim to continually monitor our workplace culture to ensure that we create an environment which is conducive to hiring anybody, regardless of gender, and one which takes into account specific issues or requirements that may need addressing."

Annual update for 2020:

When we joined the Charter in 2018, we were pleased to report a 50/50 gender split at senior management level, and we are proud to say that we have maintained that ratio since then. We will continue to dedicate our time to ensuring Barcadia Media is a fair and diverse organisation, and we continue to support the wider issue of gender inequality in financial services including through our Women's Recognition Awards programme.

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